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Tân Thủ Giá Đáo

Go Newbies (2020)

90 phút

Đang phát: 6

Tập mới nhất: Tập 6Tập 5Tập 4

Quốc gia: Trung Quốc

Đạo diễn: Đang cập nhật

Diễn viên: Châu ThâmHoắc TônNgô Tuyên NghiThích VyTiểu QuỷVũ Nghệ

Thể loại: Gameshow

0/ 5 0 lượt
Nội dung phim

“Go Newbies” consists of two sections: a comedy reality show and a in-house guessing game: in the comedy reality show section, the artists and guests become “novices” in the driving school, divided into two groups to learn how to drive under the strict training of military instructors to conduct driving tests; The quiz session will invite KOLs from the automotive industry to help out, and will add to the program with professional automotive knowledge and driving skills. After going through the whole journey, the celebrity “novice” who wins in the end will achieve the flag of their wish at the beginning. “Novice Driving” is not only a brand new experience for participating guests, but also opens up a whole new type of variety show in addition to auditions, singing, reality shows and other types, and provides a new model for other networks that produce variety shows

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